Jira global search

Available since 2.19.*

Available since 3.21.* - added User preview

Available since 4.1.* - added the ability to search for administration pages

Available since 4.20.* - added the ability to search for issue configuration

pp” … a shortcut that will change your approach to configuring

Search through all system administration using ID, Name or Description (including translations for these elements) and go directly to any system configuration in your application.

All configuration items are literally at your fingertips for all administrators


Each element is listed with its ID, name and actions, grouped under their respective configuration area.

Supported configuration:

  • Issue configuration (or issue selected in the background)

  • Issue types

  • Issue type schemes

  • Workflows

  • Workflow schemes

  • Condition templates

  • Validator templates

  • Post Function templates

  • Screens

  • Screen schemes

  • Issue type screen schemes

  • Custom fields (including options)

  • System fields (this configuration is available for Jira >= 8.16 with a Data Center license)

  • Field configurations

  • Field configuration schemes

  • Priorities

  • Priority schemes

  • Issue linking

  • Statuses

  • Resolutions

  • Issue security schemes

  • Notification schemes

  • Permission schemes

  • Project categories

  • REST API Tokens

  • Users

  • Projects

  • Administration pages


User preview


Group preview


Custom fields - additional information