Classic transitions view


Only available for Jira Server/Data Center version >= 9.0.0

From Jira 9 Atlassian moved all the transition buttons to the dropdown menu. All of the Jira transitions in the dropdown rendering asynchronously on-demand after a user opens the dropdown.

Also Atlassian removed the status field and View workflow link from the issue details section. The View workflow link is shown as an option in the dropdown. The current status is presented in the trigger label.


How to use the classic view on Jira 9

Go to Administration -> Manage apps and select Extensions Configuration

Tip: Use a Keyboard shortcutg + g + start typing Extensions Configuration

You can turn on/off this feature and select projects and/or groups where you want (or not) to use classic view (known from Jira 8)

Jira 9

Classic view

Jira 9

Classic view


Add more workflow transition buttons to issue page

When viewing an issue page, most of the workflow transition buttons are contained within the Workflow dropdown menu. Some Jira admins may want to have more of the transition buttons visible on the issue page. 

The property in the file is responsible for defining how many workflow transition buttons are shown on the issue page.

 Keep in mind that this setting is universal across Jira and will require shutting down the instance. As always, we recommend testing changes in a lower environment before attempting them in production.

  1. Shutdown Jira. Even on Jira Data Center, it is necessary to shutdown all nodes. A rolling restart of the nodes won't suffice.

  2. Edit the file in your JIRA application home directory.

  3. Change the value of the property within this file to be the number of transition buttons required before the Workflow menu.

    •  If this property does not appear in the file, add it; otherwise a default value of 2 will be used.

    • For example, the following could be added to the file to allow for 5 transition buttons to be visible on the page before the Workflow dropdown. = 5
  4. Save the updated file.

  5. Restart JIRA. 

  6. Your workflow transition buttons should now be visible on the page.


Available since v. 4.9.0

  • Added the ability to exclude projects for the Classic Transitions View

Available since v. 4.26.0

  • Added the ability to set the Classic Transitions View for selected groups

  • Added the ability to exclude groups for the Classic Transitions View