Extender for Jira

Comprehensive, powerful, easy-to-use and effective set of tools for administrators which help to improve everyday work


Build a Workflow quickly and efficiently - use new functionalities such as Function Templates or Copy&Paste, Search&Filter, Favorite, Drag&Drop, Clone, Disable/Enable, Remove all functions. You can also add them to your Library, save to file and share.

We have also made huge improvements so that you can add functions to your workflow faster and more efficiently like Transition details, Refreshed view of transitions, Quick Transition/Status preview, Copy&Paste Workflow Transitions and more.

Find where functions from installed plugins are used in any Jira Workflow using Apps Usage in Workflows

Workflow documentation - Workflow documentation gives you ability to generate full workflow documentation (as PDF or image) with all information like diagram, statuses, full transitions information (Screen, Triggers, Conditions, Validator, Post Functions, Transitions Properties), etc.

Project documentation - Project Documentation allows you to generate a complete project documentation containing all information such as schema configuration, components, versions, custom fields, but also everything related to Jira Service Management such as queues, request types, SLAs, etc. … and you can do it with one click in Jira

Global search through all system administration - "pp" - shortcut that allows you to search all administrative configurations by ID, Name or Description (including translations) and go directly to them

Manage your applications automatically using a powerful REST API Tokens and several new Extender REST API


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If you have any questions or suggestions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Please feel free to contact by email support@itlab.net.pl or Jira Service Desk, if you require any further information.


About plugin

This app includes the following libraries:

  • mXparser - Commercial License - Copyright 2010 - 2022 Mariusz Gromada

  • html2canvas - MIT License - Copyright (c) 2021 Niklas von Hertzen

  • html2canvas-pro - MIT License - Copyright (c) 2024 yorickshan

  • FileSaver - MIT License - Copyright © 2016 Eli Grey

  • jsPDF - Copyright (c) 2010-2020 James Hall, (c) 2015-2020 yWorks GmbH

  • Color picker - Dual licensed under the MIT and GPL licenses - Stefan Petre