2020 - 2018




Version 1.62.1 • Released 2020-12-20

  • [new feature] Personal Library where you can store the most frequently used workflow functions and quickly add it to the workflow

Version • Released 2020-12-04

  • [bug fix] Issue ID Helper - fixed NPE when field 'Request type' is empty 

  • [bug fix] REST API Tokens - fixed 'This resource requires websudo' - added WebSudo compatibility

Version • Released 2020-11-23


  • [new feature] REST API Tokens - added tokens expiration functionality 

  • [new feature] REST API Tokens - added the ability to specify token restrictions for URLs/methods 

  • [improvement] REST API Tokens - added support for all endpoints - JIRA_URL/rest/* 

  • [improvement] Run REST API on behalf of another user - added support for all endpoint - JIRA_URL/rest/* 


  • [bug fix] Version 1.61.* showed redundant workflow icons

Version 1.60.3 • Released 2020-11-12

  • [changes] Added additional cache settings as recommended by Atlassian 

  • [info] We intend to launch a Data Center approved version of this app. Customers who use Data Center environment will be required to purchase a Data Center app license upon their next renewal.

Version 1.59.3 • Released 2020-11-11

  • [bug fix] Fixed REST API 'Users activate' issue 

  • [bug fix] Fixed 'REST API Configurations' on/off button issue 

  • [bug fix] Fixed Crowd SSO issue for API Tokens 

  • [improvement] Improvements for a future AUI 10 version - removed AJS.params calls 

  • [improvement] Small internal improvements to the duplicates feature 

  • [improvement] A lots of other internal improvements for a future plugin version

Version 1.58.3 • Released 2020-10-25

  • [improvement] Issue ID Helper - better support for Jira Service Desk (SLA, Request Type etc.) and Issue Links 

  • [improvement] Copy Workflow functions - added ability to copy functions from the Workflow draft view 

  • [improvement] Workflow Rest Api - new parameters and ability to obtain workflow transitions for the issue key[improvement] Configuration Helper - internal improvements 

  • [new feature] Issue transition screen - all transitions now have a quick option to go to Screen/Transition configuration (only for Jira Administrators)

Version 1.57.3 • Released 2020-10-08

  • [bug fix] Fixed display of "Workflow Documentation" settings for AUI 9 (Jira >= 8.12) 

  • [new feature] In the Field Configuration you can easily see which field has a description and where it is set (read more

  • [improvement] Export Custom Field configurations to CSV - added new descriptionSetIn column 

  • [improvement] Added small changes to existing dialog windows (workflows, duplicates etc.) 

  • [improvement] Upgraded versions of some internal libraries 

Version • Released 2020-10-01

  • [bug fix] EXTJ-78 - Activate/Deactivate user REST API did not work properly on some Jira installations 

  • [new feature] Quick Screens preview - added quick screen preview on the Screens page

Version 1.55.3 • Released 2020-09-06

  • [improvement] Configuration Helper - small improvements in notification schemes 

  • [improvement] Searching on administration pages - now search engine remembers entered text 

  • [improvement] Added ability to quickly search for a Workflow on 'Add Existing Workflow' screen (Workflow schemes) 

Version • Released 2020-08-22

  • Fixed css styles on Template Conditions/Validators/Post Functions pages

Version • Released 2020-08-18

  • [bug fix] EXTJ-72 - fixed java.lang.NullPointerException error on Workflow Documentation page - handling situation when you delete custom fields from Jira and it is still on the screens

Version 1.53.3 • Released 2020-08-02

  • [new feature] Workflow Rest API - new endpoint to get workflow transitions and all informations about them 

  • [improvement] Workflow Documentation

    • added ability to change documentation view directly on page 

    • added the ability to save the selected view as default 

    • added new parameter to show only one transition view 

  • [bug fix] EXTJ-71 - fixed Worklog Rest API when JQL does not return any issues

Version 1.52.1 • Released 2020-07-15

  • [new feature] Export Permission Schemes configurations to CSV file 

  • [new feature] Export Notification Schemes configurations to CSV file 

  • [improvement] Improved support for not logged in users on Extender pages 

  • [improvement] Workflow Documentation - removed annoying workflow message when using custom browser zoom 

  • [bug fix] Sometimes on Extender pages the spinner did not hide properly 

Version 1.51.1 • Released 2020-07-04

  • [new feature] Go directly to Workflow from 'View Workflow' on issue view (only for Jira Administrators) 

  • [changes] Deprecated Administration API has been remove - this feature has been replaced by Configuration Helper

  • [other] Minor internal changes to support future version of Jira 8.11

Version • Released 2020-06-21

  • [bug fix] Screen Scheme - fixed screen delete action 

  • [improvement] Minor improvements on "Use Usage" and "Delete" project role screens 

Version • Released 2020-06-10

  • [bug fix] Fixed update of workflow templates that did not reload the page 

  • [bug fix] Fixed css that could display other plugins pages incorrectly

Version 1.50.3 • Released 2020-06-06

  • [bug fix] 'Issue Is In Any/Not In Issue Types' condition - fixed broken issue types icons 

  • [bug fix] Workflow functions preview - fixed previews for 3rd party apps 

  • [bug fix] Switch User - sometimes the exit button did not show up 

  • [improvement] 'User Is In Any/Not In Project Roles' condition - added ability to choose 'Project Lead' 

  • [improvement] Workflow Documentation - improved documentation menu; ability to share documentation with project administrators; added optional collapse parameter 

  • [improvement] Small UI/UX improvements 

  • [new feature] Pasting workflow function between different environments / instances - simple way to copy functions from test environment to production environment 

  • [new feature] New post function 'Display Message to User' - display a message as a "flag" to the current user after transition in the top right corner of the page 

  • [new feature] New validator 'Date Compare' - compare two date fields or a date field to a date expression during a workflow transition

Version • Released 2020-05-09

  • [new feature] Workflow Documentation - generate full Workflow documentation with all informations like steps, transitions, functions, screen etc. 

  • [improvement] Switch User - added Exit button whey you switch context (top right corner of the menu bar) 

  • [improvement] Faster removal some configuration elements - added for: 

  • Screens 

  • Screen Schemes 

  • Issue Type Screen Schemes 

  • Field Configurations 

  • Field Configuration Schemes 

  • [improvement] Issue ID Helper - betters supports for sub-tasks 

  • [improvement] Quick Transition Functions preview 

  • Added 'Edit' button when you checking draft workflow 

  • Jira now remember your last viewed tabs 

  • Better support for 3rd party apps 

  • [other] Several internal improvements and changes

Version 1.47.3 • Released 2020-04-19

  • [new feature] Bulk Fix Resolutions 

  • use this to change the 'Resolution' field on multiple issues at once 

  • [new feature] Quick Transition Functions preview 

  • added a quick preview of transition conditions, validators and post functions added to the Workflow (Diagram and Text view) 

  • [improvement] Workflow Properties 

  • minor improvements for developer tools like Bitbucket etc. 

  • [improvement] Check plugins updates when the Atlassian Marketplace connection is turned off 

  • better support for Jira Data Center 

  • minor improvements in checking for updates 

  • [bug fix & improvement] Reset Fields Value Post Function 

  • fixed 'ClassCastException' when you try reset 'Labels' field 

  • performance improvements and better issue history supports 

  • [other] Several internal improvements for a better view of the workflow functions

Version 1.46.3 • Released 2020-04-07

  • [new feature] Change Dashboard or Filter Ownership - this will change the ownership of the selected dashboards and/or filters that they use (supports active and inactive users) 

  • [new feature] Changes on the 'View Usage for Project Role' screen - display only the data you need 

  • [new feature] Post Function - new post function 'Manage User Groups In Custom Fields' - perfect solution for acceptance process 

  • [improvement] Field required Validator - the default message now supports multiple languages 

  • [improvement] Run REST API on behalf of another user - you can now choose what happens if user from 'contexUser' parameter not exist in Jira 

  • [improvement] Configuration Helper - several internal improvements for better search for similarities and duplicates

Version • Released 2020-03-26

  • [bug fix] Priorities administration page does not load correctly 

  • [improvement] Other small improvements

Version 1.45.3 • Released 2020-03-22

  • [new feature] i18n Translations - find translations/keys in all installed language in your Jira

Version 1.44.3 • Released 2020-03-01

  • [new feature] Workflows - added quick Workflow Diagram preview 

  • [new feature] Ability to sort columns on administrative pages 

  • [new feature] Export Screens Configurations to CSV file 

  • [improvement] Extender audit log is now smarter and all logged object is fully searchable 

  • [improvement] Workflow Scheme migration - you will now get a clearer message if don't need migrate any issue types 

Version 1.43.1 • Released 2020-02-08

  • [new feature] Groups Usage - this functionality allows you to search where in the Jira configuration you use the specific group 

  • [change] Switch User - The user picker field after selecting now shows the full name instead of the user name 

  • [change] Switch User - We have unlocked the option of switching to another Jira administrator 

  • [improvement] Other small improvements

Version 1.42.1 • Released 2020-01-04

  • [new feature] Workflow Templates - The templates are reusable sets of conditions, validators and post functions. They're defined once and can be used as many times as necessary. One template can be used in one or more transitions across many workflows. You can read more on Workflow Templates documentation page.

  • [improvement] Drag&Drop Workflow functions - internal improvements 

  • [improvement] Custom Field (context mapping) - performance improvements 

  • [improvement] Run REST API on behalf of another user - added new REST API for users in 'Groups (Basic REST)' - get and perform transitions 

  • [other] User interface changed on the REST API Configuration page

Version • Released 2019-12-15

  • [bug fix] "Edit issue" in Jira Service Desk Automation did not work properly

Version • Released 2019-12-07

  • [improvement] Get User Property Post Function - ability to add/remove value from properties into multi-select fields 

  • [improvement] Run REST API on behalf of another user - add cPrime REST API 

  • [improvement] REST API Tokens - add cPrime REST API 

  • [improvement] Other small improvements

Version 1.40.2 • Released 2019-12-01

  • [bug fix] Column ID in 'Projects' (Administrator view) don't show in JIRA 7 

  • [improvement] Custom Field (context mapping) - added project type into project list 

  • [new feature] Custom Field (context mapping) - ability to add all projects in the selected Category/Type to the context with one click

Version • Released 2019-11-24

  • [improvement] Search engine on administration pages 

  • [improvement] Configuration Helper - better support for Field Configurations 

  • [improvement] Fields Required Validator - asterisk (*) 

  • [bug fix] Rename Workflow - when workflow Assigned to Scheme without project rename action return error message on screen 

  • [change] Worklogs API now checks user key instead of username - API input is still based on the username

Version • Released 2019-11-22


  • [bug fix] Sometimes "paste from clipboard" clears the transition screen 


  • [EXTJ-43] Executing the REST API on behalf of another user - improvement for long URL and add extra informations into audit log description 

  • [improvement] Small invisible improvements in plugin core 

Version • Released 2019-10-31

  • [bug fix] EXTJ-40 - Sometimes Cascading Field options are not displayed 

  • [bug fix] EXTJ-41 - ID column for CF's with the same names show an invalid ID 

  • [improvement] Post Functions improvement - internal changes and better fields support 

  • [improvement] Fields Required Validator - fields now will be marked with an asterisk (*) in the transition screen 

  • [improvement] Configuration Helper - Screens - change max value for differences from 3 to 5 

  • [new feature] Export Custom Field Configurations to CSV file 

  • [new feature] Issue ID Helper - show objects id on issue view 

  • [info] In next plugin version we drop support for JIRA 7.4 and 7.5

Version 1.37.3 • Released 2019-10-20

  • [improvement] Worklogs REST API - added ability to sort results by worklog date 

  • [new feature] Faster removal some schemes elements - some schemes elements in Jira require reloading the page and confirming the operation, now you can do it faster without reloading the page (Notification in Notification Schemes; Granted To in Issue Security Levels -> Security Level) 

  • [new feature] Better administration menu appearance 

  • [new feature] New Workflow Condition/Validator/Post Function - User Property 

  • [new feature] Workflow properties now looks like workflow function with a simple management interface and property suggestions. 

  • [new feature] Rename any Workflow - even active :)

Version • Released 2019-10-01

  • [bug fix] EXTJ-39 - some validators may not work properly and/or skip custom fields 

  • [improvement] - all validators - if the field is not available on the screen, a validation message will be displayed at the top of the page

Version • Released 2019-09-24

  • [improvement] Search on administrative pages - added predefined filters for some pages 

  • [improvement] Configuration Helper - now also checks Issue Security Schemes and Workflows (only Statuses) 

  • [new feature] Drag & Drop ability to Priorities, Resolutions, Statuses and Custom Field Options

Version 1.35.3 • Released 2019-09-01

  • [info] JIRA 7.2 i 7.3 is no longer supported 

  • [bug fix] ID column for priorities - in some cases, project priorities did not load correctly 

  • [bug fix] Apps Usage in Workflows - uninstalling other plugins with workflow functions/conditions/validators required Extender restart 

  • [improvement] Internal changes for future JIRA 8.4 version 

  • [improvement] ID column for projects - in new versions JIRA supports sorting 

  • [improvement] Better support for system field widths 

  • [new feature] Configuration Helper - This feature displays information (badges) about duplicate, similar configurations and recommendations on the JIRA configuration pages. For more informations please read documentation

  • [new feature] Export custom fields to CSV - You can now export all CF information to CSV 

  • [new feature] Custom fields translations in one place - All field translations are displayed on the custom field translation page

Version 1.34.2 • Released 2019-08-04

  • [bug fix] Fixed Notification schemes page 

  • [improvements] Drag & Drop Workflow Functions - improvements on Conditions page 

  • [improvements] Search on administrative pages - added search to notification and permission page 

  • [new feature] Choose Workflow Function with one click - you will no longer have to choose function and confirm with an additional button, do it with one click

Version 1.33.2 • Released 2019-07-20

  • [bug fix] Switch User - Fixed a problem for users who had different user key and user name 

  • [bug fix] Clone Workflow Function - now works correctly 

  • [improvements] Copy&Paste Workflow Function - visual improvements for "large" functions 

  • [improvements] Id Column - visual improvements 

  • [improvements] Apps Usage in Workflows - improved the search speed (in some cases even 4x) 

  • [new feature] Send Mail For This Update - in bulk operations - ability to set this option to "unchecked" by default in configuration page

Version 1.32.3 • Released 2019-07-07

  • [new feature] Copy & Paste Workflow Functions - Clipboard - you can copy Conditions (one condition or grouped conditions), Validators, Post functions to the clipboard and paste them into any workflow to any place. Each administrator has his own clipboard, exactly 3 different clipboards, separate for Conditions, Validators, Post functions; you can always see what you have in the clipboard by clicking; copied functions will still be in the clipboard even after restarting application 

  • [improvement] Apps Usage in Workflows - added ability to choose specific plugin/vendor function 

  • [improvement] REST API - XML Backup/Restore - added new endpoint to check import/export directory files 

  • [other] small invisible fixes and improvements

Version 1.30.0 • Released 2019-05-25

  • Lock/Unlock Custom Fields

     - some added fields by different JIRA versions and additional plugins can be LOCKED. According to the Atlassian documentation, the only option unlock this fields is do changes to the database, now you can do it without having to access the database in Custom Fields setting page. 

  • Favorite Workflow Functions

     - create workflows faster and more efficiently with favorite conditions, validators and post functions 

  • Clicking on update badges will open the details page of the new version in the Atlassian Marketplace (Check Plugins Updates must by ON in settings page) 

  • 'ID' column now is always on 

  • internal improvements

Version • Released 2019-05-15

  • Drag & Drop Workflow Functions 

  • Search & Filter Workflow Items 

  • New Validator - Mathematical 

  • "ID" Column improvement 

  • other small improvements 

Version 1.27.0 • Released 2019-05-03

  • REST API on behalf of another user now should work properly 

  • New Workflow Conditions: 

    • Issue Is In Any/Not In Issue Types 

    • Mathematical Condition 

  • New Workflow Validators: 

    • Fields Required 

    • User In Field Must Be Active 

    • Previous Status Validator 

    • Regular Expression Validator 

  • New Workflow Post Functions: 

    • Mathematical Post Function 

  • Improvements: 

    • Switch User Context now is a separate page for more flexible use 

    • Added option to choose issue (parent, current or sub-task) in all Workflow Condition - Issue Is 'In Any/Not In' 

    • Added option to turn off "Run REST API on behalf of another user"

Version 1.25.0 • Released 2019-04-11

  • New plugin icon 

  • Small graphic and performance improvements 

  • New workflow conditions: 

    • Hide Transition From Issue View 

    • Add Notes 

  • New validators: 

    • Add Notes 

  • New post functions: 

    • Update Custom Fields (supports change value, add or remove value) 

    • Clear Fields Value 

    • Reset Fields Value 

    • Set Issue Security Level 

    • Reindex Issue 

    • Add Notes 

  • Bug fixes: 

    • Worklog API now works correctly on Postgres DB

Version 1.23.0 • Released 2019-03-24

  • Screen API - added pagination 

  • JQL Filters - added delete filter API 

  • Workflow - added workflow conditions 

    • User Is 'In Any/Not In' Project Roles

    • User Is 'In Any/Not In' Groups

    • User Is 'In Any/Not In' Custom Fields

    • Issue Is 'In Any/Not In' Statuses

    • Issue Is 'In Any/Not In' Status Categories

  • Projects - added reindex API 

  • Users properties/settings - added change password API

Version 1.22.0 • Released 2019-03-03

Version 1.21.0 • Released 2019-02-19

  • New feature - Switch to a different user

  • This allows you to temporarily assume the identity of another user. 

  • You can use this for example to: 

    • reproduce a problem a user is telling you they are having, e.g. diagnose a permissions problem 

    • update an issue on behalf of another user

Version 1.20.2 • Released 2019-02-03

  • fix - column "Id" sometimes show bad informations 

  • improvements - column "Id" now displayed on additional screens (Shared gadgets/dashboards/ Projects list, etc) 

  • new features - check plugins updates when the Atlassian Marketplace connection is turned off

Version 1.19.0 • Released 2019-01-27

  • new configuration page 

  • several new extensions (for more informations please read documentation)

Version 1.18.0 • Released 2019-01-18

Version 1.17.0 • Released 2018-12-21

Version 1.16.0 • Released 2018-10-22

  • Bugfix 

    • can't save user properties with comma value

Version 1.15.0 • Released 2018-10-13

  • New configuration page with new options.

Version 1.14.0 • Released 2018-08-28

Version 1.13.0 • Released 2018-08-02

  • Improvements: 

    • all executed REST API on behalf of another user are saved in system Audit Log 

  • Bugs: 

    • files encoding

Version 1.12.0 • Released 2018-07-22

  • Now all executed REST API on behalf of another user are saved in system Audit Log

Version 1.11.0 • Released 2018-06-23

Version 1.10.0 • Released 2018-06-06

Version 1.8.0 • Released 2018-03-24