Status Colors for Jira

Change the status colors and patterns to effectively manage application


General information

Status Colors for Jira allows you to change the standard colors of statuses and patterns to more distinctive ones, so that your entire organization can manage its tickets faster and more efficiently.

With a simple status color management interface, you can easily choose from 16 million colors!

The app runs across the entire Jira and is compatible with most popular apps like:

  • Plans (Advanced Roadmaps)

  • Structure

  • BigPicture

  • and others



Thanks to the simple status color management interface, you can easily choose from over 16 million colors and manage them freely.

On the configuration page JIRA_URL/secure/StatusColorsConfiguration.jspa you can easily add and manage status colors and patterns.


Compatibility with Confluence

If you want the defined status colors to be also available in Confluence, you need to install the free Confluence app available below

App Version

Confluence Version


App Version

Confluence Version



From 6.10.0 to 7.20.*



From 8.0.0 to 8.*.*

If you have already installed the app for Confluence, now all you have to do is edit/add any status color in Jira. Each time you edit/add new status colors in Jira, the configuration will be automatically saved in Confluence as well.


To save the definition to Confluence, an Application Link must be created between Jira and Confluence and the current user must be an active cross-app token (if the Application Link is created with a different list of users)



Changing the status color applies to the entire application and works on all pages of the application, e.g. Issue View, Dashboard, Agile Board, JSM Queues etc.