Configuration Helper - Jira configuration

General information

This option displays information (badges) about duplicate, similar configurations and recommendations on the JIRA configuration pages.


How does it work

After entering or refreshing the configuration pages, the plugin checks this configuration and adds appropriate badges to the configuration elements.





Configurations with the same settings will be treated as Duplicates , but in plugin configuration page [JIRA_URL]/secure/ExtenderExtensions.jspa you can modify what differences in some configurations will be marked as SIMILARS .

Configuration page

Differences in configuration (similar) - range of numbers <X,Y>

Configuration page

Differences in configuration (similar) - range of numbers <X,Y>


Fields <0,10>

Notification Schemes

Event <0,10>


Notifications <0,20>

Permission Schemes

Permission <0,10>


Granted To <0,20>

Issue Security Schemes

Security Level <0,10>


Granted To <0,20>


Compare drafts <yes, no>


Checks only configuration with the same:

Issue Type Schemes

Issue Types but in a different order and/or different Default Issue Type.

Workflow Schemes

Workflows but in a different Issue Types

Screen Schemes

Screens but in different operations.

Issue Type Screen Schemes

Screen Schemes but in different Issue Types configurations.

Field Configurations

Hidden and/or Required fields.

Field Configuration Schemes

Field Configuration but in different Issue Types configurations.

REMEMBER, the bigger differences may need more JIRA time to verify configuration.



Available since v. 1.35.*

Available since v. 1.36.*

  • added Issue Security Schemes

  • added Workflows

Available since v. 1.38.*

  • Screens - change max value for differences from 3 to 5

Available since v. 1.63.*

  • Change max values - 10 and 20

Available since v. 1.64.*

  • added Workflow Schemes

Available since v. 2.18.*

  • added support for the "Renderers" option in Field Configurations